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Base-hinged masts carrying Challenger 1 floodlights

Binfield, Berkshire: June 2018

When plans were revealed detailing the intent to build on the Blue Mountain Golf Course in Binfield, Berkshire, they were initially met with some objections. However, the potential for this hybrid application shone through and the decision to approve the plans for over 400 homes and a learning village was met with no objection.

The development, named Blue Mountain, includes 403 homes, community facilities, public open space, sports and recreation facilities and has an area of Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG). Binfield Learning Village sits at the heart of this site and is a sequence of buildings specifically designed to accommodate the needs of children of all school ages. The learning village required lighting for their school sports pitches and Abacus were on hand to provide a top class sports lighting solution that would meet their needs.

The Abacus Challenger 1 floodlight was the obvious choice when determining which luminaire would work best on the pitches. Although it is a high performance floodlight, it is designed for lighting smaller sports grounds such as school grounds or arenas. Whilst meeting the specification for this project, the Challenger 1 also provides excellent light control and therefore minimises light spill around the pitches. It is dark skies friendly, which is particularly suited to the Binfield Learning Village owing to its location having residential housing very close by. With multiple options for effective light distribution, the adjustable lamp holder on the Challenger 1 offers three variations of peak beam elevation.

To carry the floodlights, a combination of Abacus's base-hinged 15m HL250 masts and 12m tubular columns were used. The Abacus range of base-hinged raise and lower masts provide for quick and simple installation on site. A hydraulic counterbalance attaches to the base of the mast and safely lowers it to ground level, thus making maintenance on these masts a breeze. Performed at ground level, maintenance and cleaning is a safe, quick and easy process with no requirement for lifting equipment on the pitch or personnel working at heights. This in turn keeps the total cost of ownership down to a minimum and also helps promote a structured maintenance regime prolonging the life of the installation.

challenger 1 sports floodlight

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