Abacus Lighting

Maltman's Green School

Sports lighting for school's multi-use games area

Chalfont St Peter: August 2019


Maltman’s Green School, built in the 17th Century, is an independent girls school situated in Chalfont St Peter, UK.

The school prides itself on achieving high standards in all areas of education and this ethos is carried through to sports. Their existing multi use games area (MUGA) required a floodlighting system in order to allow the school to host after-school sporting activities during the evenings and winter months.

As with any new lighting project, energy consumption and savings were a consideration in the choice of system.

Maltman’s Green School approached Abacus directly having already heard of our expertise in this area.


  • 8 x 8m Abacus fixed columns
  • 20 x Vela LED floodlights

For a lighting system to function at its best and to prolong its life, regular maintenance and testing should be carried out. Therefore, Abacus provided a solution that was simple to maintain.

With its modular construction, the Vela range of floodlights allow for ease of maintenance and can also be upgraded with new LED modules, making for a future-proof solution.

Product Overview

Vela LED floodlights:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Future-proof modular design
  • Effective light control
  • Low light output ratio (ULOR) with the outer body and canopy

Sports lighting for school's multi-use games area

Sports lighting for school's multi-use games area

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