Abacus Lighting

Abacus, the name behind Al Sadd

Al Sadd Stadium, Doha, Qatar

The Al Sadd Stadium, situated in Doha, Qatar is one of a number of new construction projects in preparation for the 2006 Asian Games. Working in partnership with United Electro Mechanical International, Abacus has recently completed the lighting of the newly-built stadium.
Doha will be the first Arab city to hold this major event, which will be the home of up to 10,000 athletes. Completed at the end of 2004, the 20,000 capacity stadium is one of many new construction projects commissioned in preparation for Qatar's hosting of the 2006 Asian Games.

The creation of the Asian Games City will involve the renovation and construction of 30 sports facilities. New facilities include Al Sadd Stadium, Al Rayyan Sports Centre, Al Ilihad Sports Centre, Al Arabi Sports Centre and Khalifa Stadium.

For Al Sadd Stadium, the lighting levels were specifed to 1,000 Lux maintained vertical to camera. The sports lighting system comprised of six head frames mounted around the perimiter of the stadium roof, with supplemental lighting mounted directly onto the roof. In total, over 158 Challenger® 3 floodlights were used, all of which were fitted with 2KW metal halide lamps.
Compactly designed and also incorporating an anti-glare baffle, Challenger® 3 provides precision optical control and offers significant cost savings for both the supply and installation of floodlights. Gun sight fixings are incorporated into Challenger® 3, ensuring that the gun sight is easily fixed on site.

Of particular interest, all of the floodlights were fitted with hot restrike facility. Hot Re-strike floodlight systems are sometimes requested for stadium floodlighting, where a disruptive power supply may occur. Instant re-ignition is then provided, if the power supply is restored within seven seconds of interruption. Instant re-strike floodlights are installed to provide sufficient lighting on the playing field to allow competitive play to continue at a reduced illuminance level, or to provide emergency lighting for spectators, officials and players.

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