Abacus Lighting

The Lakeside Sports Complex

The home of Doncaster rovers FC

Doncaster, UK, February 2007

Abacus Lighting at The Lakeside Sports Complex, Doncaster
As part of the development of the full stadium complex at Lakeside, which features as its centerpiece the football stadium which is home to Doncaster Rovers FC, Abacus supplied and installed the Class I 500lux floodlighting system at the Lakeside Athletics Club.

Employing 8 of its 20m HL330 base-hinged masts, each carrying up to 8 Challenger® 1 2kW floodlights, the track and field areas are bathed in a highly uniform light which lends itself to the top class competition which will take place at the facility.

Maintenance is carried out at ground level, preventing the need to bring on heavy vehicles to the delicate surface (as promoted by some suppliers).
Typical Base-Hinged Sports Mast lowered for maintenance.Typical Base-Hinged Sports Mast lowered for maintenance.

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