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Abacus Lighting will soon be coming in from the cold as their contract to supply the lighting for St Petersburg’s new ring road approaches its final stages

St Petersburg, Russia: August 2007

Bolshoi Obukhovsky suspension bridge, also known as Vantovy Bridge

The project, which commenced in 2001, is an ambitious development aimed at solving many of the city’s traffic and environmental problems. The eastern half was opened in September 2006 and has seen all cargo transport eliminated from the city centre - significantly improving the transport and the ecology situation for St Petersburg’s residents and businesses.

Abacus supplied the largest number of high mast floodlighting to the ring road since the project began. In fact, Abacus has installed, or is in the process of supplying, over 400 masts on the ring road, with a sales value in excess of USD 2,500,000.

St Petersburg Ring Road

The high mast system, which has masts of up to 46m high in some sections, incorporates a lowering head frame which allows maintenance to be carried out at ground level in the central carriageway of the ring road. The masts are designed to serve the ring road for a minimum of 25 years and special design modifications have been incorporated to withstand the often harsh climatic conditions. Abacus’ expertise means that the masts can be serviced when temperatures are as low as -30° C.

The construction of the new road has included the building of the new Bolshoi Obukhovsky suspension bridge, also known as Vantovy Bridge. Abacus devised a solution that not only brings the bridge to life at night, but one that, again, is capable of enduring the harsh weather conditions of the Russian climate.

The newly opened road has international significance as vehicles are now able to travel directly to and from Moscow and neighbouring countries without passing through St. Petersburg’s centre.

But the ring road is not the only transport solution that Abacus has brought to the city.St Petersburg is home to the largest port in North-West Russia, handling over 100,000 containers a year.

The port chose Abacus’ 30m raising and lowering winch mast systems with triple pulleys to light its 307,211 square metres of sheltered warehousing facilities.The key advantage of this RLW system is that it can operate in confined spaces, presenting an ideal solution for applications such as ports, harbours and airports where space is often restricted.

The head frame can be lowered to the ground using a manual or electrically powered winch system, allowing maintenance to be carried out at ground level in complete safety.

St Petersburg Ring Road

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