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New Sports Lighting Brochure from Abacus

Abacus Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new sports brochure

Sutton In Ashfield, England: September 2007

Abacus Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new sports brochure "Sports Lighting Solutions". Solutions based, from grass roots to stadia, the new brochure has comprehensive details about the company’s wide range of products as well as information on the Abacus Plus-10 warranty and maintenance options available.

Abacus has been dedicated to engineering and design excellence for 50 years and has developed a reputation for being one of theworld’s leading sports lighting specialists. The company offers a range of floodlights that have been carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of a diverse range of sports lighting applications at every possible level of competition.

The new brochure details the Challenger® 1 range of sports lighting, which offers a specific light control system consisting of a series of complementary measures to effectively control obtrusive light. Precision reflector systems ensure tight beam control, reducing overspill and directing light only where it is needed - on the playing surface!
"Sports Lighting Solutions" also features Abacus’ unrivalled range of mast systems suitable for any scale of project - from tennis courts to hockey pitches. The base-hinged lowering mast systems are operated by a simple counterbalance unit, allowing routine maintenance and lamp replacement to be carried out easily and in complete safety. A range of fixed masts are also available up to 50m that can incorporate climbing rungs, ladders, safety hoops, man riders, internal / external access and platforms.

For your free copy of Sports Lighting Solutions, call the Abacus sales team on 01623 518333 or visit our Sports Lighting page for more information.
Sports Lighting Brochure

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