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Abacus light the way to Shrewsbury’s new stadium

Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s new £15m stadium is now on course to open in time for the 2007-08 season

Shrewsbury, England: September 2007

After 97 years of playing at their Gay Meadow ground, Shrewsbury Town Football Club’s new £15m stadium is now on course to open in time for the 2007-08 season. The aptly named "New Stadium" on the outskirts of town, has a capacity of 10,000 seats and Nottinghamshire based Abacus Lighting has teamed up with Hall Construction & Moorwood Electrical to provide its state of the art lighting system.

Football lighting at Shrewbury Town FC

Following a downturn in its fortunes, Shrewsbury Town has been on the up in the last three seasons since returning to the Football League. Steady progress on the field, saw the club just miss out on promotion to the Coca Cola League 1 with a play-off final defeat by Bristol Rovers last May. The average attendance for season 06/07 was 4730 - the third highest in League 2 - compared with 3997 in season 05/06.

Shrewsbury Town’s directors strongly believe that success will continue to bring the fans flooding back and that the greater income from a larger capacity ground will bring the money needed to generate that success. New Stadium boasts multi-level disabled viewing with lifts in all four stands, unobstructed viewing for fans, hospitality suites for business as well as banqueting facilities for conferences & parties. The opening is planned for the start of the season and various pre-season games are already underway to test the new facilities.

Abacus has provided the lighting for all external areas including the main pitch & car parks. The pitch lighting has been designed to be flexible, providing several lighting levels to cater for professional matches as well as training. Ambient lighting has also been designed for best effect when corporate facilities are being used.

Protecting the environment through careful lighting design is a major priority for Abacus. Overspill, Sky Glow and Glare (the key elements of light pollution) are receiving increasing attention wherever floodlighting applications are being considered and, in the past, sports lighting has provided some of the worst cases of individual light pollution.

Over the past 45 years, Abacus has built an international reputation as one of the world’s leading sports lighting specialists, providing solutions that conform to the most stringent planning requirements. Its commitment to innovation, high engineering standards and quality production ensures minimum impact on all types of locality and environment.The control of light pollution is a high priority design consideration for both new projects and existing installations.
Light Pollution is a problem associated with our modern night environment and can cause serious adverse affects both physiologically and ecologically in city, urban and rural areas. Abacus works closely with The British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) which aims to preserve and restore the beauty of the night sky by campaigning against inefficient, unnecessary and irresponsible lighting.

Abacus’ "Challenger®" range of floodlights has been carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of a diverse range of sports lighting applications at every possible level of competition. The Challenger® 1 range of sports lighting offers a specific light control system consisting of a series of complementary measures to effectively control obtrusive light. Precision reflector systems ensure tight beam control, reducing overspill and directing light only where it is needed - on the playing surface!

A choice of Challenger® 1, 2 and 3 floodlights ensure that every sports lighting requirement can be satisfied - from large sports stadiums to racecourses and from tennis courts to cricket grounds.

Sports Lightin at Shrewsbury Town FC

The New Stadium system consists of eight mounting brackets located on the two main grandstand structures. A combination of Challenger® 1 & Challenger® 2 floodlights have been used ensuring that the lighting is suitable both for players & for TV broadcast.

A total of 48 Challenger® 1 and 16 Challenger® 2 floodlights have been used to achieve a lighting level of 700 lux maintained. These floodlights are fitted with Philips 2000W MHN-LA lamps to ensure excellent colour quality coupled with consistent lumen maintenance.

Abacus also supplied the lighting equipment for the external car park & concourse. A total of 20 TB088 8m columns fitted with Orion lanterns were installed along with 31 AL5314 floodlights. The car park lighting is switched in zones, allowing the club to switch off areas not being used to reduce energy consumption.

Abacus’ UK Sports Lighting Manager, Neil Johnson, commented: "Abacus was chosen for its ability to provide a full turnkey package coupled with low light pollution. Our package included producing impact study drawings & liaising with planners, through to the final commissioning of the system."
Abacus also has the manufacturing capability and the engineering expertise to design, manufacture and install a range of mast systems for any scale of project - from tennis courts to hockey pitches. Its range of raising and lowering mast systems are operated by a simple counterbalance unit, allowing routine maintenance and lamp replacement to be carried out easily and in complete safety. A standard range of fixed masts are also available up to 20m and can incorporate climbing rungs, ladders, safety hoops or platforms.

Abacus has recently completed a contract to manufacture and install the external lighting at the new Lakeside Sports Complex in Doncaster. The state-of-the-art complex, which incorporates the 15,000 seat Keepmoat Stadium, has been designed to the highest possible architectural standards to match its superb location on the water’s edge at Doncaster Lakeside.

Abacus was also recently invited to design and build a one-off steel structure to provide lighting for the TV cameras for the Hill End of Ireland’s most prestigious stadium, Croke Park, in Dublin. Abacus dedicated over 600 design hours to the project, developing working CAD models and producing 93 detailed manufacturing drawings. Custom hydraulics and electronics were designed and manufactured to ensure the safe and successful ’docking’ of the lowering section.

Northampton Saints RFC have also benefited from Abacus’ sports expertise. As part of a stadium redevelopment which increased capacity from 11,700 to 12,500, Abacus designed, manufactured and installed a new sports lighting system to Class 1 Rugby Standards (500 Lux), providing suitable lighting levels for televised matches.

Other UK installations include Stanford Park and Kempton Park Racecourse. International contracts include Green Park Stadium, Kanpur; Nad Al Sheeba Racecourse, Dubai and the Hyderabad Stadium in India.

To complement its sports lighting package, Abacus provides a range of services to maintain the systems throughout their working life. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum maintenance packages are available offering services including annual inspections; emergency lamp replacement and tailored maintenance contracts to suit any requirement.

Abacus has recently launched its brand new sports brochure "Sports Lighting Solutions". Solutions based, from grass roots to stadia, the new brochure has comprehensive details about the company’s wide range of products as well as information on the Abacus Plus-10 warranty and maintenance options available.

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