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Telescopic Masts rise to the challenge

Queen’s College, Somerset came up against strict planning restrictions when upgrading their sports floodlighting, our Telescopic masts provided the solution

UK, Somerset: March 2008

When Queen’s College in Somerset wanted to upgrade its sports floodlighting it came up against strict planning restrictions insisting that the floodlights and masts did not interfere with the picturesque views of the Somerset Downs.

Telescopic Masts at Queen’s College in Somerset

The college turned to Abacus Lighting to provide the solution. Increasingly, restrictions are being placed on planning applications for sports lighting as more attention is paid to its impact on the environment. With this in mind, Abacus has recently developed a range of Telescopic Masts which have been installed at Queen’s College. These unique floodlighting masts can be lowered when not in use, thereby minimising their daytime visual impact on the environment.
Abacus has installed six 13 metre Telescopic Masts from its Club Range around the College’s hockey pitches.

The masts are fitted with 18 Challenger® floodlights to produce a low light pollution system. The Club Range offers four standard masts for floodlighting from heights of 8m to 15m.Ideal for applications such as tennis and multi use games areas (MUGA’s), as well as football, hockey and rugby pitches.

The masts’ carrying capacity of four high performance Challenger® 1 2kW floodlights means that club competition lighting levels can also be achieved.

The masts lower by means of an integral motor, which can be operated either from the base of the mast or from a remote central point. Control gear and electrical equipment is housed in the base of the mast, keeping maintenance simple and easy to reach.

Tim Starling, Estates Manager at Queen’s College, commented: "The new lights have not only extended the playing time of our first class facility, for both the school and its surrounding community, but have also provided a solution to our planning issue. Abacus was helpful from the start and even assisted in the negotiations with our local planning authority, which ultimately led to the tremendous solution that we now enjoy. The lights are not at all obtrusive and, when lit, bring the whole complex to life."
Abacus’ Sports Lighting Manager, Neil Johnson, commented: "The project at Queen’s College is another huge step for Abacus in the development of Telescopic Masts.

The new Telescopic range reduces daytime intrusion for residents and, when used in conjunction with the Challenger® 1 floodlight, offers the lowest light pollution system available. This project showcases the versatility of the Abacus range & the company’s commitment to product development."

To reinforce its commitment to providing bespoke sports lighting solutions, Abacus is currently developing a new stadium solution using the Telescopic Mast principles. The Stadium range will be developed to meet specific customer requirements and it is hoped that current research and development will provide a solution for a 50m mast carrying a floodlight head load in the region of 4 tonnes later this year.

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