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Railway station refurbishment in Czech Republic

Base-hinged columns from Abacus used in programme of railway station refurbishment across Plzen region of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic: May 2008

Base hinged columns on a railway platform

Working with our local partner in the Czech Republic, Abatec CZ, the Abacus base-hinged column was specified for a number of railway station refurbishments in the Plzen district, South Bohemia.

The project involved a total of 11 stations across the area and 85 6m (T061RLS) and 12m (T127RLH) base-hinged columns were installed. The main reason for the columns being selected was due to the ease of lowering them to allow quick and safe maintenance at ground level.

The anti-vandal aspect was also an attractive feature as access to any connection boxes is only possible once the column has been lowered.

This has not been the first time our base-hinged columns have been used on Czech railways, as last year a number of other stations were revamped. There are also plans this year to extend their use on Czech railways across other regions.

Base hinged lighting columns

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