Abacus Lighting

MUGA floodlighting from Abacus challenges Light Pollution

Challenger® floodlights overcome planning restrictions for a school MUGA and base-hinged columns make maintenance child’s play

Manchester, England: April 2008

When Failsworth Lower School in Oldham needed to install floodlighting on its new multi-use games area, it turned to Abacus Lighting to help overcome strict planning restrictions.

Challenger ® floodlights

With worries about potential light pollution from installed floodlights affecting nearby residential properties, Abacus proved, once again, that its Challenger® range of flat glass floodlights could direct light only where it was needed - onto the games area’s playing surface.

Abacus is no stranger to the growing problem of light pollution. It recently commissioned unique research which revealed that light pollution may be responsible for causing sleepless nights.
The Harris Poll Europe Omnibus Survey on attitudes to light pollution was carried out on 2,000 British adults and revealed that many people believe that our night time skies are no longer as dark as they once were.

Almost two thirds believe the night time sky is lighter today than it was 10 years ago and many of those interviewed revealed nostalgia for dark winter nights and visible stars in the sky. Abacus erected 9 of its 8m base-hinged columns around the pitches, carrying a total of 16 floodlights.

The columns were essential to the project. Tight access points meant that installation and maintenance by more conventional methods could mean potential damage to the pitches.

The Abacus base-hinged columns can be lowered by a simple spring or hydraulically operated counterbalance, meaning installation and maintenance of floodlights can be carried out safely at ground level, without the need for large cranes or cherry pickers.

Abacus’ Chris Anderson commented: "Winning the contract to floodlight the new pitches at Failsworth Lower School was a great success for Abacus. As well as overcoming the planning restrictions, one of the main success stories of the project is the use of the base-hinged columns.

The system reflects the flexibility of solutions Abacus can offer and demonstrates Abacus’ ability to provide world class sports lighting solutions at grass roots level."

Installation of the new floodlighting sees the introduction of Failsworth Lower School’s Friday Night Football Project, where children between the ages of 11-13 and 14-16 can play against other schools to compete for trophies and cups.

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