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Ski jump floodlighting installed by helicopter

Floodlighting and masts from Abacus had installation by helicopter to overcome site access difficulties at a ski jump in Czech Republic

Czech Republic: April 2008

Passers-by might have thought they were witnessing the filming of a scene from the next James Bond movie but it was Abacus Lighting’s installation team who were in the frame as they carried out a hair-raising installation of floodlighting at the Jested Ski Jump in Liberec, in the northern region of Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Lighting being lifted into place by helicopter

The masts, part of a 12 million Euro development, were erected in time for the World Championship Ski Jumping test events on 8th-9th February. Installation by helicopter was essential as there was no way of getting a conventional crane to the site.

The project was (jointly) managed through Abacus’ official partner in Czech Republic, Abatec CZ. Sales Manager, Ludek Mechura, commented: "Due to the steepness of the slopes and limited access by road, we had no alternative but to install the masts and floodlight head frames by helicopter. Safety was obviously a major issue but our team and the helicopter crew did a brilliant
Safety was obviously a major issue but our team and the helicopter crew did a brilliant Safety was obviously a major issue but our team and the helicopter crew did a brilliant job in what were very difficult conditions."

And the weather didn’t help matters. High winds and heavy rain added to the difficulties. Ludek added: "The helicopter had to return to the heliport carrying the masts a few times and wait until the winds died down. It was very dangerous but we have been thrilled to be involved in this project and the experience has been excellent for us."

The seven masts, ranging between 20 and 45m high, have been fitted with 202 Challenger® floodlights with lighting levels from 800 to 1400 lux vertically.

Ing Schejbal from main contractors on the project, representing the City of Liberec, commented: "We were very impressed by the professional approach of the Abatec team during the installation. Their technical and organisational expertise overcame what were very difficult and dangerous site conditions."

Liberec will host the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in February 2009. The Jested venue has been rebuilt and now boasts a new permanent grandstand for 10,000 spectators.

Abacus is no stranger to the Czech Republic. Previous floodlighting installations include FC Slovan’s stadium in Liberec, FC Jablonec and a range of multi-use games areas (MUGAs) across the country completed for the Czech FA. Abacus also lit the first baseball stadium in the Czech Republic, for the leading team Draci Brno.

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