Case Study: Auckland Airport


With a throughput of over 21 million passengers per year, Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand.

The airport is one of New Zealand’s most important infrastructure assets, providing many jobs for the region and handling the majority of the country’s international arrivals and departures.

A new apron lighting system was required in order to facilitate the many planes, vehicles and passengers that make use of the airport each day. The busy nature of the airport and the potential costs which could be incurred due to prolonged downtime meant that ease and speed of maintenance was a key factor on this project.

Aukland Airport
Aukland Airport


  • 8 x GL620 30m base-hinged masts

Abacus base-hinged masts were installed across the airport apron. These base-hinged masts allow airport maintenance staff to safely lower them to ground level in just a few minutes using a hydraulic counterbalance device. From here, all relevant inspections, cleaning and maintenance can be carried out without the need for working at heights or the use of expensive plant.

Once maintenance is completed, the mast is then raised and locked into position from where the counterbalance is then removed. A single counterbalance unit is able to operate all eight of the masts at Auckland Airport. This speed of operation proves perfect for airport applications as downtime and cost of maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Product Overview

Base Hinged Masts

High-lume range-01

Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

Proven mast design spanning over 55 years

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