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Whatever your level, rugby is a game of passion - and we take the same approach to lighting it.
Rugby lighting

Rugby pitch lighting

Rugby lighting

Abacus has experience all over the world - from Dublin to Dubai - exceeding the various standards set down by governing bodies to create training, competition and camera-friendly lighting concepts for clubs small and large.

European standards, EN 12193:2007, set illuminance levels at 500lux for class I, 200lux for class II and 75lux for class III. The RFU however publish their own standards for class I and II as detailed below:

Some of our solutions for each of these key levels can be downloaded from our Standard schemes section at the left, however different options are available to suit your needs, we can even create systems which will allow you to upgrade to the next level at a future date.

Learn more about past projects in our case studies or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Class Lux (Eav) Uniformity Glare
Class II 200 0.6 <50
Class III 100 0.5 <55