Abacus Lighting
Tennis has always been associated with sunny June days; but in the heat of summer, after-dark can be the most appealing time to play. No matter how big or small your club, we have the solution to make poor light a thing of the past - meeting and often exceeding the lux levels recommended by governing bodies such as the LTA.
Tennis court lighting

Tennis court lighting

Tennis lighting

European standard EN 12193:2007, states minimum lighting level for each class. Minimum illuminance levels for classes I, II and III are set at 500 lux, 300 lux and 200 lux respectively. National Associations, for instance the LTA in the UK, recommend other levels.

Opt for one of our standard lighting schemes or ask us to design your own customised system.

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LTA standard levels.
Maintained average illuminance on PPA Maintained average illuminance on TPA Uniformity within PPA (Emin/Eav) Uniformity within TPA (Emin/Eav)
Recommended 500 400 0.7 0.6
Minimum 400 300 0.7 0.6