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One of our most challenging and memorable floodlighting projects was for an upcoming winter sports competition in the Czech Republic. It involved high winds, high masts and helicopters; and all at the same time!
Winter sports

Winter sports

Winter sports
Passers-by would’ve been forgiven for thinking it was a scene from the next James Bond movie. In fact, it was Abacus Lighting’s installation team carrying out a hair-raising floodlighting installation at the Jested Ski Jump in Liberec, North Bohemia.

Much to the disappointment of our more adventurous engineers, we don’t always go to such dramatic lengths to install our products.

The masts, part of a €12 million development, were erected in time for the World Championship ski jumping test events in 2008. Due to the steepness of the slopes and limited access by road, we had no alternative but to install the masts and floodlight headframes by helicopter.

Whatever your location, we’ve got the logistical experience to make your winter sports lighting project happen. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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