Health and Safety

Regarded as ‘one of the big three’ Management Systems the successful attainment of OHSAS 18001:2007 and transition to the new BS ISO 45001 in January 2020 now fits neatly with the portfolio of having BS EN ISO9001:2015 and BS EN ISO14001:2015.
Our Health & Safety Management System provides a structured framework to help identify potential hazards into controlled risks and consequently demonstrates good governance; in doing so this approach safeguards the wellbeing of our employees, our business and other interested parties.
The benefits of having a structured approach to hazard identification and risk management lie in the provision of a healthier and safer working environment and the avoidance of a high proportion of accidents and occupational health problems. This also leads to a reduction in lost time through employee illness and injury. The attainment of the standard demonstrates Abacus’ commitment to its responsibilities as a serious employer. Conformance to the standard also requires a continued commitment to develop and improve the Company’s Occupational Health & Safety Management System.