About Abacus

Leaders in lighting, Abacus’ business supports global customers in meeting the growing demand for technically-brilliant, yet energy efficient and sustainable lighting solutions. Our roots are in the U.K and our company, established for over 60 years has a celebrated heritage in British engineering.

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“Lighting the World Beyond Expectation” is our mission statement. We do this by constantly finding and developing new innovations in lighting through our exceptional people, technology and passion for delivering service to our customers. We believe in the principle of mutual advantage and build strong relationships with our people, partners, markets and customers, whilst respecting cultures across the world. We deliver our promises through innovation, continuous improvement and trusted, respected operations.

Abacus Advantage

At Abacus we see your project through from beginning to end and in most cases we continue to assure your installation is looked after with our maintenance team. From initial ideas through to detailed plans, we supply consultancy as part of our package to ensure your project has the best start.

Our design team is made up of in-house experts providing both lighting and structural engineering designs to guarantee your site is catered to and designed to meet the highest level of effectiveness. To ensure we achieve the most exacting standards, our manufacturing plant takes great care and pride in everything we produce so you get the best possible and can rely on our proven lanterns and masts.

With high quality product and optimal design in place, installation must be safe and reliable and our experienced on-site Abacus teams fulfil these assurances on time, every time. For final piece of mind we help you or your end client safeguard their investment and ensure long term brilliant performance.

  • Consultation: From initial ideas through to detailed plans, we are able to supply consultancy as part of our package
  • Design: In-house experts providing lighting and structural engineering designs
  • Manufacture: Our manufacturing capability ensures that we achieve the most exacting standards
  • Installation: Experienced on-site Abacus teams ensuring safe and reliable installations, on time, every time
  • Maintenance: Safeguarding your investment and ensuring long term brilliant lighting performance
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