As a key part of the shipping industry, ports play a huge part of our global economy. Lighting is a key requirement to ensuring they are able to operate safely and efficiently.

The Abacus product range has a proven track record of providing unbeatable solutions to all challenges within this sector.

From raising and lowering masts for restricted access areas to large fixed masts for windy areas, Abacus have the perfect solution to every scenario.

Hidd Port

Hidd Port

Product Overview

Raising and Lowering Winch Masts

The range of lowering headframe masts from Abacus deliver precision engineering solutions for a great variety of different projects – from major container port terminals to international airports

New canopy mast at half way pointstripped-01

Product Overview

Base Hinged Masts

Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

Proven mast design spanning over 55 years

Product Overview

Challenger 1 LED


The Challenger 1 LED range represents the cutting edge of LED floodlighting.  With unrivalled performance and the most low profile design on the market, the Challenger 1 LED is perfect for a large number of applications across many industries.

Product Overview

York Hinge Gen 2

York Hinge Header-3

The York Hinge converts a fixed column into a raising and lowering column which complements our existing range of base-hinged columns. York Hinge columns are designed for use in areas that are naccessible with bulky equipment or have no room available for our standard raise and lower column to be installed.

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