Case Study: Neasden Rail Depot


Neasden Train Depot is the largest of its kind in London, with a history in manufacturing and maintaining train stock dating back to the 1800s.

Abacus GL520 masts were originally installed at Neasden depot in the 1980s. Due to the masts positioning being in close proximity to the lines, vibration from nearby trains had resulted in bolts cracking and stressing below ground, necessitating the replacement of all masts onsite.


  • 165 x Trent floodlights
  • 29 x 30m GL520 masts

Abacus chose to relocate the new masts in order to minimise track possessions for future maintenance, as well as reducing the probability of damage due to track proximity.

The highly efficient light output of the Trent proved ideal for Neasden, where safety and visibility is key.


Neasden Depot

Product Overview

Base Hinged Masts

Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

Proven mast design spanning over 55 years

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