Lowering Headframe Masts

The range of lowering headframe masts from Abacus deliver precision engineering solutions for a great variety of different projects – from major container port terminals to international airports.

The engineered headframe, with its secure three-pulley system, is available with or without our innovative latching system. A single multi-core electric cable has its own independent pulley, meaning it doesn’t become entangled with other cables in the mast.


  • Headframe supported by three stainless steel cables for longer-term stability than twin cable systems
  • Option to install mechanical latching system on three arms, to release strain on cables when headframe is in the operating position
  • Headframe supplied prepared ready for installation, complete with three cables looped for dropping into the mast shaft and junction box for the multicore cable mounted on headframe
  • Single 275kg or single 550kg winch located in the base of the mast. The winch is self-sustaining, with a gravity latch on the input shaft
  • A 10mm earth terminal is provided in the base of the mast
  • Single multicore cable for all lanterns is located on an independent pulley, stopping multiple cables from becoming entangled inside the mast
  • Single multicore – with 18 cores on the 275kg winch mast (for up
    to 8 floodlights/lanterns), or 25 cores on the 550kg model (for up to
    12 lanterns)
  • A multicore electric cable, with integral signal cables for CCTV and WiFi, is available on request
  • Electrical cable is supplied with a plug and socket at lower end. This means you can detach the cable and power the headframe at ground level using a separate extension cable
  • A lightweight dual-speed reversible power tool is supplied with its own mounting bracket, which is clamped directly to the body of the mast. A remote hand-held box with non-latching buttons controls the unit, enabling the operator to stand at a safe distance when lowering
New canopy mast at half way pointstripped-01

Build your mast

Step 1

Identify the correct Abacus floodlight from the lighting design and then…

Step 2

Select the correct headframe option based on:

  • The floodlight arrangement
  • External IP65 control gear

Step 3

Select the central assembly code determined by:

  • Mast height e.g. 30m is RLW-HF-30M-xxx-xx
  • Multicore electric cable, for 275kg winch is 18core (18C) & 550kg winch is 25core (25C); e.g. RLW-HF-30M-18C-XX
  • Whether the latching system is required (-L) or not (-NL); e.g. RLW-HF-30M-18C-NL

Note: the central assembly is delivered to site fully assembled with stainless steel cables and multicore cable factory-assembled ready for
immediate installation.

Step 4

Select the correct mast structure based on:

  • Mast height
  • Winch capacity (determined by headframe choice)
  • Site wind speed and headframe area

For each height and winch capacity there is a light duty and medium duty mast option, which covers most requirements. Other mast structures for higher wind loads are available on request.

Step 5

Select any necessary accessories for example:

  • The floodlight mounting bracket, required if a floodlight with stirrup is selected
  • Power tool operating system, dependent on winch capacity
  • Lightning rod