Fixed Masts

Tackling complexities is what Abacus do best; so whatever and wherever your project – small or large-scale – Abacus have the solution. At Abacus take incredible pride in our work – and it’s that quality and attention to detail which has set us apart from the competition for over 60 years.

Start to finish design

Our in house design team are specialists in high mast solutions.  No matter the design challenge, our team have all the skills necessary to produce the perfect system to suit your every need whilst never compromising on performance or safety.

Čerťák Ski Jump, Harrachov

Čerťák Ski Jump, Harrachov

Abacus have come up with complete solutions for fixed-mast floodlighting all over the world.

Visit the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi, for example, and you’ll see the 70m masts we designed, made and installed – not to mention the 200 floodlights atop each one. Or, a little closer to home, the innovative circular headframes we designed and installed for the Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium in England.

Often, extreme weather plays its part in shaping our designs. For instance, the 55m masts we installed at the Kensington Oval in Barbados were designed to withstand hurricane conditions.

Tricky locations also pose their own set of challenges. Installing seven masts up to 55m high by helicopter on a 45-degree slope, for example, was no mean feat when we lit the  World Cup Ski Jump in Liberec,  Czech Republic.

Sometimes it’s not the masts themselves but the ongoing maintenance that informs product choice. For instance, many airports and large commercial areas choose fixed masts over base-hinged or winch‑lowering headframes, employing trained maintenance specialists (often Abacus or one of our international partners) to maintain their lighting at height.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll find a solution that fits.