York Hinged Columns

The York Hinge converts a fixed column into a raising and lowering column which complements our existing range of base-hinged columns. York Hinge columns are designed for use in areas that are naccessible with bulky equipment or have no room available for our standard raise and lower column to be installed.


  • Lowers the top section of the column in any set direction with no outwards swing of column sections
  • For use on columns up to 6m
  • Two versions available to fit 76mm and 48mm diameter shafs
  • Headload up to 25kg at 6m using the larger unit and 15kg at 3m with the smaller unit
  • Vandal resistant security bolt locks the hinge in place
  • Two specially designed pins require security keys for unlocking and operation of the York Hinge
  • Increased cabling capacity over previous designs due to external lowering device.
  • Cast steel construction
  • Finishing options include galvanising, painting or powder coating
  • Maintenance free design
  • One man operation
  • The York Hinge itself is as strong as the column. Wind loading capacity is not compromised
  • The York Hinge can be retrofitted to existing fixed columns, contact our team for further information


  • Vandal resistant design requiring two specific security keys for access and operation
  • No requirement for additional equipment such as a counterbalance / winch due to internal spring and hinge design
  • Ongoing financial costs are kept low due to the maintenance free design of the hinge
  • Ideal for use in inaccessible areas such as bridges or petrochemical platforms where the standard raise and lower column cannot be used
  • Can be retrofitted to existing columns with a 76mm diameter shaft
RL201-122-18 Full Assy

York Hinge in Action

Prouct Versions

48mm diameter shafts

48mm diameter shafts

76mm diameter shafts

76mm diameter shafts

Pre-assembled Columns

Base dia (mm) Shaft dia (mm) Height (mm) Root Mounted Product Code Flange Plate Product Code
140 76 3000 TB030/YH2 TB030/FP/YH2
4000 TB040/YH2 TB040/FP/YH2
5000 TB050/YH2 TB050/FP/YH2
6000 TB060/YH2 TB060/FP/YH2
168 76 3000 TB031/YH2 TB031/FP/YH2
4000 TB041/YH2 TB041/FP/YH2
5000 TB051/YH2 TB051/FP/YH2
6000 TB061/YH2 TB061/FP/YH2

Operating Tools

Product Code  
YH/HYD/TOOL/76 Complete with both the hydraulic lowering ram and pump unit. Lowering ram available separately on request for existing RLH168/COMPACT users.
YH/PNE/TOOL/48 Single pneumatically controlled lowering ram with no need for any additional pump unit.