Case study: Aberaeron RFC

About our client

Aberaeron RFC is a Welsh rugby union club based in Aberaeron, a picturesque coastal town in Ceredigion, Wales. Founded in 1895, the club has a rich history and deep community roots, playing a significant role in the local sports culture.

With a focus on promoting rugby at all levels, from junior to senior teams, fostering young talent through its youth programs, the club emphasises sportsmanship, teamwork, and community involvement, contributing to the vibrant sporting landscape of Aberaeron. Throughout its history, Aberaeron RFC has been a stepping stone for players aspiring to higher levels of rugby, maintaining a proud tradition of competitive and spirited play.

The Challenge

Aberaeron RFC faced a significant challenge with their aging lighting system. The club’s existing floodlights, crucial for evening training sessions and matches, had deteriorated over the years, struggling to provide adequate illumination.

The coastal location of Aberaeron presented unique environmental challenges. The salty sea air, high winds, and occasional storms contribute to accelerated wear and tear on outdoor installations. Recognising the need for a robust solution, Aberaeron RFC decided to invest in a completely new lighting system. The upgrade required lighting and masts specifically designed to withstand the harsh coastal conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Aberaeron RFC 2

The Solution

  • 6 x 15m HL250 base-hinged masts
  • 17 x Challenger 1 LED floodlights

Aberaeron RFC, located a mere 200 meters from the sea, faced unique challenges with their aging lighting system. The club required a durable solution capable of withstanding the harsh coastal environment. Abacus, renowned for our expertise in sports lighting solutions, were chosen to tackle this demanding project.

Abacus installed six HL250 base-hinged masts ensuring maintenance is quick, easy and hassle free. Each HL250 base hinge mast is equipped with our high-performance Challenger 1 floodlights. These floodlights have proven to cope exceptionally well with the demanding conditions of Aberaeron’s coastal location, providing uniform and high-intensity illumination that significantly enhances visibility on the field.

In addition to the main floodlights, Abacus installed five Challenger 1 floodlights to backlight other critical areas around the ground, ensuring comprehensive lighting coverage. The entire project, including all necessary civil work, was handled by Abacus, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

The new lighting system has dramatically improved the quality of illumination at Aberaeron RFC, making evening training sessions and late matches safer and more enjoyable for players and spectators. The advanced optics of the Challenger 1 floodlights minimise glare while maximising light distribution, ensuring clear and bright visibility under all conditions.

Feedback from the club has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the floodlights’ robust performance in the challenging coastal environment. Abacus’s commitment to quality and innovation has provided Aberaeron RFC with a lighting solution that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, reinforcing the club’s pivotal role in the local sports community and ensuring their facilities are equipped to handle the harsh coastal conditions for many years to come.