Case Study: University of Lincoln

About our client

The University of Lincoln is one of the top 10 UK universities for reducing its impact on the planet. Over the last decade, staff and students have reduced carbon emissions by 34%. They take the planet’s future seriously and work together as one community to make a difference globally.


The university benefits from a large sports facility with an outdoor all-weather pitch ideal for football, hockey, games and other fun sessions. The pitch benefits from floodlighting masts with Metal halide Challenger 1s luminaries installed by Abacus Lighting in 2000, transforming the pitch into a functional, all-year-round facility for the community and students. 

Abacus was recently given the opportunity to survey the site and make recommendations based on the latest innovative LED lighting available as part of the university’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.



Abacus Lighting replaced its existing Metal halide floodlights with LED floodlights

  • Retrofit of 16no 1.5kw Challenger 1 LEDs to existing HL250 base-hinged masts.
  • Designed to 350Lux with 0.7 uniformity.

The Abacus Lighting design team put forward a solution to achieve 350Lux with a uniformity of 0.7 across the pitch using 16 of the latest Challenger 1 LED floodlights. 

By swapping their existing metal halide floodlights with LED floodlights, they are on track to consume more than 30% less energy. The initial cost outlay will be replaced with the longevity of floodlights. LED luminaires do not require regular lamp replacements in the manner that traditional metal halide floodlights.

The design life of the Challenger 1 LEDs fitted for the University of Lincoln is 60,000 hours which when compared to 6000 hours of most metal halide lamps offers a significant cost saving from replacement lamps on top of the energy saving offered by LED.

The university’s all-weather pitch now benefits from long-lasting, robust lighting to illuminate its pitch, ready for fun across all seasons. The lighting provides excellent quality and the ability to switch on and off instantly, so illumination is at full power and ready to play immediately.

 The pitch backs onto a residential tower block. The LED technology offers an outstanding level of visual comfort by lighting up the sports area, not the surrounding area, thus reducing the light pollution due to the symmetrical and asymmetrical light beams. 

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