Case Study: Lewis Athletics Track


With an ever-growing membership of over 400 people competing at all levels, Lewes Athletics Club plays host to many track and field activities.

The club had an existing lighting system, so were looking for the best way to utilise the current masts whilst improving the lighting levels and bringing down running costs.

Lewes Athletics Track-8
Lewes Athletics Track-10


  • 36 x AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights

Being the lightest true retrofit sports floodlight on the market, Abacus were able to reuse the existing mast infrastructure. Whilst greatly reducing the overall project cost, disruption to the site was also kept to a minimum.

In addition to improved lighting levels, the new LED system provides impressive energy savings with lower Wattage floodlights which can be remotely switched on / off or dimmed when needed.

Product Overview



The AAA-LUX range of innovative high powered LED floodlights is built with control, safety and security in mind. The AL Series is designed for large area lighting in places such as ports and airports, whilst the high performance WS Series focuses on sports lighting.

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