Nottingham Tram Depot maintenance


The Nottingham tram depot serves as a pivotal hub for the city’s modern tram network. Established in 2004 to accommodate the expanding tram system, it houses maintenance facilities, administrative offices, and storage yards for the fleet of light rail vehicles. Operated by Nottingham Express Transit (NET), the depot ensures the smooth operation and upkeep of the tram network, which connects various key locations across Nottinghamshire.


The depot relies on functional lighting infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient operations along its routes. With masts standing at 30 meters tall, regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to guarantee optimal performance and safety standards.


5 year maintenance deal – inspections alternating between high level and low level for the main depot and Forest tram stop.

The main depot features 10 30m RLW masts. Under the maintenance deal, inspections are conducted alternately at high & low levels to ensure thorough assessment without disrupting tram operations.

The Forest tram stop comprises 5 30m RLW masts, subject to the same alternating high-level and low-level inspection schedule. This approach is designed to uphold safety and operational efficiency while minimising disruption.

Through proactive collaboration and meticulous planning, Abacus Lighting successfully conducted a high-level inspection as part of the 5-year maintenance deal with Nottingham Tram Depot. This approach ensures the ongoing safety and functionality of critical lighting infrastructure, underscoring Abacus Lighting’s commitment to delivering reliable maintenance solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.

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