Case Study: Donaldson Timber Yard


Donaldson Timber Engineering is located in the heart of Ilkeston, and is the UK’s leading and longest-established manufacturer and supplier of roof trusses, open web joists, I-joists, spandrel panels and gable panels.

An effective lighting solution was required to enable them to operate during the evenings, and to ensure staff safety during operations.


  • 2 x AAA-LUX AL360 LED floodlights
  • 2 x 18m static masts

The increased light levels enable staff to work safely in all conditions. The AL360’s 360° distribution offers improved visiblity. Its increased system effieciency eliminates any wasted light.

Donaldson Timber Yard - Ilkeston - AAA-LUX - AL360 - 20190320 (1)

Product Overview



The AAA-LUX range of innovative high powered LED floodlights is built with control, safety and security in mind. The AL Series is designed for large area lighting in places such as ports and airports, whilst the high performance WS Series focuses on sports lighting.