Case study: Toyota Derby


Toyota manufacturing plant is located in the heart of Derbyshire, and is one of two manufacturing bases in the UK. The existing high mast lighting luminaires were coming to their end of life after years of service. This caused in consistent lamp changes, which increased costs year on year, alongside poor lighting levels on site. As a result of this, the dispatch team on site struggled to clearly see DIS labels on cars, causing loss of both time and efficiency.

Abacus were tasked with providing a new LED lighting solution which did not overload the existing high mast structures on site, which complied with both environmental concerns from the ecologist and ensured zero complaints from any residential properties in the surrounding area. With Toyota being a world-renowned company, they did not want to affect their brand identity in the area.

The Toyota dispatch yard is also operational 24 hours a day, so it was imperative Abacus minimised any disruption to site whilst installation was taking place.


  • 120 x Challenger 1 LED floodlights: 3000K and 480W

Abacus conducted maintenance inspections through contracts in order to ensure fixings, bracketry and masts were all suitable for a retrofit.

Minimal elevation on the Challenger 1 luminaires, alongside precise lighting design considerations, minimised any impact on residential properties, keeping in line with guidance notes. Abacus utilised a special 3000K Challenger 1 floodlight to minimise visual perception of brightness compared to Toyota’s existing SON lamps, as well as keeping overspill to a minimum on edge rows to appease any concerns from the ecologist. 500W Challenger 1 floodlights were utilised across the high mast infrastructure, which in turn is estimated to save Toyota dispatch yard around £15k per year in comparison to their existing high mast lighting.

A dedicated project manager and supervisor from Abacus were on hand at Toyota dispatch yard to carefully plan around the working environment, so any disruption to the yards operational performance was minimised.

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The Challenger 1 LED range represents the cutting edge of LED floodlighting.  With unrivalled performance and the most low profile design on the market, the Challenger 1 LED is perfect for a large number of applications across many industries.