The final test match of The Ashes 2023

Australia may have retained their position as the Ashes champions last week, but that doesn’t mean the final match wont be just as thrilling!

The final test match is taking place today at The Oval, one of cricket’s most prestigious venues. The floodlighting system, manufactured and installed by Abacus Lighting, has become a standout feature of the ground, illuminating the game and providing an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. The floodlights boasted cutting-edge LED technology, ensuring enhanced visibility, reduced glare, and minimal light spillage, allowing for uninterrupted play even during twilight hours.

Beyond its functional aspects, the floodlighting system from Abacus Lighting contributes to the electrifying atmosphere at The Oval, creating a visually stunning spectacle for fans attending the evening sessions.

The 2023 Ashes Test Match at The Oval will be remembered not only for the thrilling cricketing action but also for Abacus Lighting’s exceptional floodlighting system that redefined how cricket under lights is experienced. The successful integration of cutting-edge technology further solidified The Oval’s status as a premier cricketing venue and set a new benchmark for future sporting events worldwide.