Challenger Mako

Lighter, Brighter & More Sustainable

The Ultimate Lighting Solution For Your Venue

Our recent upgrade of Lord’s Cricket Ground’s existing metal halide floodlighting system to our Challenger Mako Floodlight signifies a significant milestone in the world of sports lighting. It also achieves remarkable reductions in energy consumption, marking a pivotal moment in sustainable stadium operations. Here’s what Robert Ebdon, MCC Estates Director, has to say about it:


The Challenger Mako LED floodlight, brings the latest lighting technology to Lord’s, offering the highest power output to lowest weight & optically has been specifically designed for Elite Cricket Stadia, which will improve lighting levels to the latest ECB lighting specifications whilst offering significant energy savings over the existing metal halide lighting system. Reducing energy consumption across the Lord’s estate is a key priority for the Club as we work towards our goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 and Net Zero by 2040, if not earlie.

Robert Ebdon | MCC Estates Director

Download The Datasheet Now

Datasheet Download

Downloading the datasheet for the AL7200 Challenger Mako allows you to view the key features, module technical specifications, module assembly, and a full list of components. 

Key Features

  • Unrivalled lumen to weight ratio providing the highest power output from the lowest possible weight.
  • Lightweight fitting is ideal for sporting arena retrofit solutions when upgrading to LED
  • 2 modules make up the combined weight of 33kg – equivalant to 2 metal halide luminaires
  • No exposed cables
  • Constructed from light weight and crash resistant automotive grade aluminium
  • Optional RGB modules for interchangeable light
  • Customisable scene control system
  • Cloud connectivity for control from any location
  • 10 year Warranty
The new Challenger Mako as featured at Lords Cricket Ground
The new Challenger Mako as featured at Lords Cricket Ground
The new Challenger Mako as featured at Lords Cricket Ground

Illuminating The Cricketing World More Efficiently

Our legacy dates back to 1958, as the leader in innovative lighting solutions. We recognise the evolving landscape of outdoor illumination and created our newest product by prioritising energy efficiency, directional light, and superior illumination to support cricket clubs striving towards Net Zero.



The Challenger Mako boasts the heighest lumen-to-weight ratio, enhancing retrofitting efficiency.



Top-tier luminous output with minimal energy expenditure, suitable for various applications.



Features adaptable scene control and optional RGB modules for varied lighting needs.