Challenger Mako

Key Features

  • Unrivalled lumen to weight ratio providing the highest power output from the lowest possible weight.
  • Lightweight fitting is ideal for sporting arena retrofit solutions when upgrading to LED
  • 2 modules make up the combined weight of 33kg – equivalant to 2 metal halide luminaires
  • No exposed cables
  • Constructed from light weight and crash resistant automotive grade aluminium
  • Optional RGB modules for interchangeable light
  • Customisable scene control system
  • Cloud connectivity for control from any location
  • 10 year Warranty

Technical Specifications

  White RGB
Power (W) Up to 1200W
Luminous output Up to 150,000 lm Up to 150,000 lm
Colour temperature 5000K – 6000K N/A
Colour rendering index (CRI) 70 – > 90 N/A
IP rating IP66
Operating temperature range -40ºC to +45ºC
Wind area (2 module assembly) 0.278m²
Driver input power 190 – 528VAC

Typical two-module assembly

  • 2x modules
  • 2x module clamps
  • 2x end caps
  • 1x mounting bracket
System Overview Front web-01



Mako components - module

Module clamp assembly:

Mako components - module clamp assembly

Mounting bracket:

Mako components - mounting bracket


Mako components - driver