Challenger 3 LED

Key Features

  • Advanced design reduces light pollution and improves spectator viewing
  • Precise optical control designed specifically for sport
  • Robust for all environments with an IP66 and IK10 rating
  • Lens and lumen packages available in a versatile design for multiple applications
  • Dali and DMX options
  • Full cut off low spill design for control of light
Challenger 3 1000 9005+2002.3221
Challenger 3 1500 9005+2002.3231

Technical Specifications

 Challenger 3 LED
Power (W)1000W1500W1800W
Weight (without driver)25.7kg33.8kg33.8kg
Lumen outputup to 162,865up to 244,298up to 274,637
LED chips numbers224 pcs120 pcs288 pcs
Light efficiencyup to 159lm/W
Beam angle17°, 25° and 50° options available
Colour temperature4000 – 6000K (5700 standard)
Colour rendering index (CRI)≥70 (≥90 optional)
ColourHeat Sink: Ral 9017, Bracket: Ral 9017 & Abacus red
IP ratingIP66
IK ratingIk10
Operating temperature range-40° – +40° (module)
Module adjustable angle-20° – +90°
Optional accessoriesFront glass, DALI/DMX, Shields,
Aiming device
Driver information1500W driver is 3ch. DALI2/DMX driver, 7.0kg (including mounting arrangements)