Abacus secure LED upgrade at Lord’s Cricket Ground

In a significant development for the world of sports and outdoor event illumination, Abacus Lighting has successfully secured a large-scale project aimed at upgrading the existing metal halide floodlighting system at Lord’s Cricket Ground, to state-of-the-art LED technology in the form of our Challenger Mako floodlight.

Abacus Lighting, a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions, has been at the forefront of lighting technology for decades. The transition from traditional metal halide lighting to LED is part of our ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions to our clients while promoting environmental responsibility.

The decision to upgrade the existing metal halide floodlights to LED was driven by a multitude of compelling factors, with energy efficiency, directional light and superior illumination being paramount. One of the key benefits of this transition is the substantial energy savings that the Challenger Mako offers. The Challenger Mako will significantly reduce energy consumption of the floodlighting system whilst retaining the strict lighting controls required by Westminster City Council. This is a crucial consideration for Lord’s, as it aligns with the clubs commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation.

Robert Ebdon, MCC Estates Director commented: “Reducing energy consumption across the Lord’s estate is a key priority for the Club as we work towards our goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 and Net Zero by 2040, if not earlier. The new LED floodlighting system is one of the many areas that we’re upgrading to help make Lord’s more sustainable and energy efficient while also improving our visitors’ and local resident’s experience. We’re the first UK men’s Test ground to install LED floodlights that will reduce glare while enhancing visibility and clarity, giving spectators and players a brighter and more consistent lighting experience, providing optimal conditions for world-class cricket.”

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A word from Chris Anderson (Sales Director)

“It’s an honour for Abacus to further enhance our longstanding relationship with the Marylebone Cricket Club & upgrade our original lighting installation. The Challenger Mako LED floodlight, brings the latest lighting technology to Lord’s, offering the highest power output to lowest weight & optically has been specifically designed for Elite Cricket Stadia, which will improve lighting levels to the latest ECB lighting specifications whilst offering significant energy savings over the existing metal halide lighting system.

The specification criteria at Lord’s were stringent, where it was required to improve the lighting levels to the field of play in line with the latest ECB standards, reduce energy consumption, ensure the current Abacus Telescopic lighting masts operated within capacity whilst controlling the lighting to Westminster planning guidelines. All of this requires the market leading specialist products & services Abacus can offer, to deliver another world class lighting solution to the Home of Cricket.”

Abacus Lighting has earned a strong reputation for delivering high-quality lighting solutions, and our track record of successful projects in the cricketing world played a crucial role in securing this contract. Our dedication to collaborating closely with clients to tailor lighting solutions to specific needs has made us a trusted partner in the industry.

Throughout the project’s duration, Abacus Lighting will work closely with Lord’s to ensure a seamless transition to the new LED lighting system. Abacus Lighting’s successful bid to upgrade the metal halide floodlighting system to LED at Lord’s Cricket Ground represents a significant milestone in the field of outdoor lighting technology. This project not only showcases our commitment to excellence but also underscores the critical role of LED lighting in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in outdoor spaces. As Lord’s eagerly anticipates the improved lighting experience, Abacus Lighting stands as a beacon of innovation and progress in the industry.