Case Study: Streetly Lawn Tennis Club


Streetly Lawn Tennis Club is recognised as one of the premier tennis clubs in the Midlands, offering both first class and social facilities.

With an existing metal halide lighting system across nine tennis courts, the club wanted to convert to LED. In order to spread the cost, a single court installation would be completed first.

Given the close proximity to surrounding houses, help was needed in order to gain the planning permission necessary for the upgrade.



  • 10m Abacus base-hinged column
  • 4 x AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights
  • 1 x AAA-LUX switchbox

rts were completed using Abacus 10m base-hinged columns. Having stood up to the test of time, the club were keen to further this relationship when looking for a lighting company to convert one of their courts to LED.

Abacus were able to put forward a scheme compliant with the ILP guidlines whilst also meeting the strict planning requirements. This single court installation required Abacus to rehead 3 existing masts in addition to installing 1 x 10m mast.

The AAA-LUX floodlight offers the perfect retrofit solution. A wireless control system allows the club to switch seamlessly between multiple different switching levels, whilst providing impressive energy savings over the original metal halide system.

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The AAA-LUX range of innovative high powered LED floodlights is built with control, safety and security in mind. The AL Series is designed for large area lighting in places such as ports and airports, whilst the high performance WS Series focuses on sports lighting.

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Base Hinged & Fixed Columns

East Midlands Parkway

The base-hinged column is now a standard on international railway platforms. Its popularity is all down to quick, safe and easy operation, together with long term durability, often in harsh environments.

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