Case Study: Syon Lane


Syon Lane station in West London is one of many platforms that have complex lighting requirements for their walkways.

As with most platform scenarios, the solution requires a combinations of column lighting along the platform itself and handrail lighting along footbridges and walkways.


The York Hinge product was the perfect solution to tackle both areas of lighting. The simple design of the York Hinge mechanism means that it can easily be mounted to handrails just as easily as it would a lighting column.

The ability to use a single product across the entire site reduces both the costs and complexity of operation.

This simple design allows for lowering of each floodlight by a single operative whilst also providing a tamper resistant mechanism perfectly suited for public areas.


Product Overview

York Hinge Gen 2

York Hinge Header-3

The York Hinge converts a fixed column into a raising and lowering column which complements our existing range of base-hinged columns. York Hinge columns are designed for use in areas that are naccessible with bulky equipment or have no room available for our standard raise and lower column to be installed.

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