Understanding LED Luminaire Lifespans

Understanding LED Luminaire Lifespans

The stated life of LED luminaires can often be difficult to understand when you’re not used to seeing the abbreviations used. You may have seen an LED luminaires lifespan being shown something like this:

60,000 hours at L80B10 25°C 

This is a standard that is used to show the lifespan of LED chips. If you’re not used to this terminology it can seem alien at first, however it can be broken down very easily:

  1. L – All luminaires are designed to output a given amount of luminous flux.  L80 means that the chips are tested to achieve 80% of their luminous flux for the period stated.
  2. B – The second element is the percentage of luminaires within a given installation that may be below the L value within the stated lifespan.
  3. Lifespan – The lifespan itself is normally defined as hours
  4. Operating temperatures – Many products also state an optimal ambient temperature.

Example of Luminous Flux over time

LED Lifespan Chart

L80B10 Example

LED Lifespan Pie 01

Example 1: 60,000 hours at L80B10 25°C 

90% of the LED units will maintain at least 80% of their original designed luminous flux for 60,000 when operating at 25°C 

Example 2: 50,000 hours at L70B20 35°C 

80% of the LED units will maintain at least 70% of their original designed luminous flux for 50,000 when operating at 35°C 


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