GRP Quartz EVO Bollard

Redefining the benchmark for bollard performance.

This next generation of LED bollard takes the existing tried and tested design of the LED Quartz and combines it with the latest cutting edge optical and GRP technologies.

Our Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester (GRP) range provides a passively safe, non-conductive alternative to concrete and steel.

With power consumption reduced by almost 50% against the original product, significant performance gains and market leading bollard spacings greater than any other product on the market, the Quartz Evo redefines the benchmark of modern bollard lighting.

Key Features

  • Non-conductive GRP material removes any requirement for electrical insulation
  • Revolutionary low glare optic design giving unrivalled uniformity and bollard spacing
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical options to suit all requirements
  • Wider door width for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Quarter turn closing mechanism for ease of use
  • Vandal resistant flush door and fixings
  • Flange plated and root mounted options available
  • Low inrush current
  • 3 hour emergency backup option available
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Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Asymmetric Symmetric
Power (W) 12.8W 16.2W
Luminous Flux (net) 1590 lm 2050 lm
Colour temperature 4000K (3000K optional*)
Colour rendering index (CRI) 70Ra
Colours Jet Black: RAL9005 (options available*)
Lifetime L90B10 > 80,000hrs @25deg ambient

Spacings and Example Levels

Beam type Spacing (m) Ave Min Unif
Asymmetric 10 21.1 10.8 0.51
12 17.6 5.9 0.34
15 14.1 2.5 0.18
18 11.8 1.2 0.10
20 10.2 0.8 0.08
Symmetric 10 17.4 9.6 0.55
12 14.5 6 0.41
15 11.5 2.8 0.24
20 8.7 1.0 0.11

Market Competition

Distance Quantity of bollards needed
Quartz EVO Market competition
200m 14 17
300m 20 25
500m 34 42



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