Stadium Range Telescopic Masts

Warner Mast at Lord's Cricket Ground UK

Warner Mast at Lord's Cricket Ground UK

The colossal Stadium range can accommodate 100 Challenger® 3 2kW floodlights at a mounting height of 50m – an imposing and highly effective solution for any major sports stadium.

Engineering without compromise

Incorporating the finest precision-engineering for a long, hassle-free life, the telescopic mast represents the pinnacle of technical achievement in high mast lighting. Driven by a 7m double-acting ram producing 45 tonnes of lift-thrust, the mast works in conjunction with a secondary leaf chain-management system. A supporting negative-chain system and linear string encoder, linked to a remotely located PLC (Programmable Logic Control) unit, mean the masts can be controlled and monitored from the safety and comfort of a main control room.

50m telescopic masts at Lord’s cricket stadium and 45m masts at the Brit Oval stadium, both in London. Strict planning controls in these sensitive residential neighbourhoods meant that retractable masts were the only practical solution for floodlighting both stadiums.

control panel

The 40m telescopic masts installed at the Al Shamal stadium in Qatar. Located in four corner turrets designed to emulate a traditional fort, each carries up to 100 Challenger® 3 floodlights for HDTV broadcasts. After use, each mast retracts into its own turret and out of sight at a height of 22m.

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Al Shamal - Telescopic - 20100212 (72)
Al Shamal - Telescopic - 20100212 (76)
The Brit Oval, UK

The Brit Oval, UK