Case Study: Crowborough Athletic Football Club


Formed in 1984, Crowborough Athletic Football Club plays at Crowborough Community Stadium and are members of the Southern Counties East League. The club coaches football teams from a wide variety of levels from under 11’s to adults.

The busy football club already had an existing metal halide lighting system in place; however, both the masts and floodlights were dated and not sufficient for the level of play. Upgrading the entire lighting system was a necessity, and Abacus were more than happy to take on the task.


  • 4 x 15m Base Hinged masts
  • 12 x 1.5kW Challenger 1 LED floodlights

Abacus were tasked with the removal and disposal of the 4 x 22m static masts, alongside the construction of new concrete bases adjacent to the existing ones and then rerouting the existing feeder cables (once tested) into the new bases.

The lighting solution provided by Abacus Lighting was determined by the club to be the most professional and cost effective solution, with the flat glass style optic of the Challenger 1 LED floodlight providing a stark contrast to the original metal halide system.

The new LED system comprises of 12 x 1.5kW Challenger 1 LED floodlights, which replaced the dated metal halide system consisting of 24 x 2kW lamps. The finished installation comes complete with a ten year warranty and will ensure the club meets the Football Association ground grading criteria for many years to come.


Product Overview

Challenger 1 LED


The Challenger 1 LED range represents the cutting edge of LED floodlighting.  With unrivalled performance and the most low profile design on the market, the Challenger 1 LED is perfect for a large number of applications across many industries.

Product Overview

Base Hinged Masts

Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

Proven mast design spanning over 55 years