Case Study: Gausta Ski Centre

The Gausta Ski Resort in Norway is located at the foot of the mighty mount Gaustatoppen. The landmark mountain rises 1883 meters above sea level, and it is the highest peak of Vestfold and Telemark county. This majestic landscape creates the backdrop at the ski resort.

Gausta Ski Resort is the result of the merger between the former Gaustablikk and Gaustatoppen ski resorts. The facility now includes 13 ski-lifts on 35 different slopes. Here you will find slopes that suit all skill levels. The resort covers everything from easy children’s slopes and terrain parks, to demanding off-piste skiing at mount Gaustatoppen itself.

Tinn, Gausta Skisenter - idrettsbelysning - 20220202-337-340

Benefits of base-hinged masts

The based hinged mast technology has been the game changing solution to benefit many industries from rail to airports, and alpine resorts is no exception. Where the mountainous terrain exposes masts to heavy stress from weather and wind, the base-hinged masts can easily be lowered to ground level when warnings of extreme weather occur, which means damage to floodlights can be avoided. The masts also simplify technical maintenance and cleaning by removing the need for access equipment and the need to work at height.

Product Overview

Base Hinged Masts

Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

Proven mast design spanning over 55 years