Case Study: Jersey Airport

Jersey Airport consistently keeps up with changes and demands of the aviation market, with renovations and construction works on the north and south aprons along with a new build air cargo centre this year, Jersey Airport is pushing to the forefront of change. As part of this forward movement, the airport is changing to LED lighting on the apron in a bid to become a more energy efficient organisation.

Working with Jersey Airport Engineering Services, Abacus put together a modern LED lighting design using the pre-existing HL250 masts. Due to the proven durability and reliability of these Abacus Raise and Lower masts, inspections confirmed that replacement masts were not necessary and could continue to be used safely with new floodlighting installed. With the masts already in place, the light fittings needed to meet suitable lighting levels and have the correct spread of light across the area between mast points. In order to solve this, over thirty high-power AAA-LUX area floodlights from the
AL-Series were used in a combination of the 90 degree and 180 degree beam distributions allowing the area to be fully lit without any loss of light. These AL-Series fittings had the same footprint and weight of the previously used Challengers, so the use of an LED floodlight that could be retrofitted to the existing infrastructure kept capital costs down and increased
the ROI.

The use of LED lighting reduces the energy consumption and the innovation of the AAA-LUX range allows further energy savings through the use of the AAA-LUX control management system. This system controls all lighting in this installation and can be remotely monitored from a central location via computer; it also runs through push button boxes, sensors and even smart devices for
full control.

Jersey Airport - AAA-LUX (C Andy LeGresley) (16)
Jersey Airport - AAA-LUX (C Andy LeGresley) (19)

The AAA-LUX control system is capable of dimming
and switching the lighting, which for the needs of Jersey Airport, is ideal. Maximum dimming options were available to the Airport, with full zonal dimming of the apron lighting down 50% after the last flight of the day, around 10pm until early morning, giving staff full control without compromising the safety of staff on the apron. The system can be controlled from a touch screen within the control tower or via control boxes located at the bottom of the masts, allowing control and plans to integrate into the building management and the ability to control from the Apron should the lights need to be switched into emergency mode. Emergency mode brings all lights up to 100% when necessary, resulting in quick response times for the Apron staff in an area where responsiveness is critical.

One big challenge was the coastal environment, Jersey required a robust fitting to cope with the salt in the sea air. The die cast aluminium polyester powder coated body with integrated heat sink and IP65 seals ensured Jersey Airport had a fitting that would meet the energy savings, dimming requirements and require little maintenance for a full potential lifespan. For the airport apron to continue to run safely, preventive maintenance is vital. The tracking capabilities of the control management system utilises data collected to aid and inform a scheduled maintenance programme. This allows Jersey Airport to be proactive rather than reactive with maintenance, decreasing and avoiding any downtime that may occur if there was a sudden need for maintenance.

This lighting solution is a step forwards in energy efficient controllable lighting for the Airport, as Abacus and Jersey Airport continue with further installations underway on site in Phase 2 of the lighting solution.

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The AAA-LUX range of innovative high powered LED floodlights is built with control, safety and security in mind. The AL Series is designed for large area lighting in places such as ports and airports, whilst the high performance WS Series focuses on sports lighting.

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Abacus base-hinged masts allow for safe and simple maintenance at ground level with no requirement for expensive plant and machinery

Constructed of galvanised steel, they boast an impressive life span

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