Case Study: Southend Airport

London Southend Airport is an international airport in the district of Rochford, Essex, just 42 miles from the centre of London. During the 1960’s – 1970’s it was the third busiest airport in the UK. In 2008, the airport entered into a development programme headed by its new owners, Stobart Group. This project provided a new terminal, control tower, extended runway and connections to London via the regular rail service between Liverpool Street Station and London Southend Airport.

The successful development programme increased the airport’s popularity and encouraged top British airlines such as EasyJet to operate there, which in turn resulted in a rapid increase in airport passenger numbers. This necessitated an upgrade to the airport car parking facilities and its lighting for one of its long stay car parks. Being specifically designed to ensure effective and efficient car park lighting, the Abacus Orion LED proved ideal for this project. 12 Orion’s and 12 Abacus fixed columns were installed, with the columns being a combination of light and medium duty.

Orion LED is the perfect solution for areas requiring even light distribution with minimal lighting points. The symmetrical beam distribution proved ideal for the wide column spacing in the long stay car park by delivering the required light uniformity throughout. The Orion’s square distribution reduces the number of lighting points needed, which in turn decreases not only the running costs, but also the cost of supply and installation.


Southend Airport

The asymmetrical beam, used on a number of the Orion’s that were boundary mounted, reduced both overspill and light trespass. This light control was particularly important as the airport runway is located directly adjacent to the car park. By using an asymmetrical beam, the Orion’s were able to light just the car park without affecting the safe operation of the runway.

As the airport continues to thrive and increase its passenger numbers, its energy efficient and effective lighting system will serve many thousands of passengers for years to come.

Product Overview

Oirion LED


Following Abacus’s success with our specially designed Orion series, the Orion LED is the next step for effective and efficient car park lighting.

Using a similar design, the Orion LED produces a square distribution which reduces the number of lighting points needed, whilst the total energy consumption is also reduced with more energy efficient LEDs.

Product Overview

Base Hinged & Fixed Columns

East Midlands Parkway

The base-hinged column is now a standard on international railway platforms. Its popularity is all down to quick, safe and easy operation, together with long term durability, often in harsh environments.

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