Case Study: Kuchyna Airbase

About our client

Kuchyna Air Base is a strategic military facility located in the heart of Slovakia, near the city of Nitra. Built in the early 1950s, the air base has played a crucial role in defending the airspace of the country and its allies. With its modern infrastructure, advanced technology, and highly skilled personnel, Kuchyna Air Base is well-equipped to handle a wide range of military operations and exercises.

Apart from its military functions, Kuchyna Air Base is also a hub for aviation enthusiasts and professionals, providing a range of training and education opportunities. The base has state-of-the-art simulators, training facilities, and a diverse fleet of aircraft, making it an ideal destination for pilots, engineers, and aviation enthusiasts.

The challenge 

The logistics of aircraft movements on active airfields such as these requires that safety is the first priority during operations. Lighting is a key component of safety in sectors such as this in which personnel are exposed to moving vehicles on a regular basis.  Ensuring that sufficient lighting levels are maintained ensures operations can continue safely well into the darker hours.

Recently, $100 million has been invested into the base’s modernisation, which has included new LED apron lighting. The famous Slovak International Air Fest (SAIF) is held annually at Kuchyna Air Base, which set the deadline for early August 2022.


Lighting solution

Abacus Lighting installed six 28m static masts at the air base.

Kuchyna Air Base’s lighting systems are an essential component of its operational infrastructure, as the base is required to operate around the clock, even in adverse weather conditions.

The new masts assist in ensuring safe and efficient navigation for aircraft, vehicles and personnel.

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