Case Study: East Midlands Airport

Each year, East Midlands Airport connects over 4 million passengers to destinations around the world. Being in the heart of England, the airport is situated in a prime location easily accessible by a variety of transport links, such as train, bus and car, making it an ideal choice for travellers from not just the East Midlands, but all over the U.K. Operating 24/7, the airport needs to provide a safe working environment for both passengers and staff members. For this reason, an effective car park lighting solution was required for the new tenant’s and staff car park.

Abacus were enlisted to provide a solution which met the lighting specification whilst maintaining a strict level of light uniformity throughout. The Abacus Orion LED proved to be the ideal choice; with its flexibility of lighting distributions enabling light to be placed accurately, minimal lighting points are required to achieve an even light distribution across the car park.

East Midlands Airport
East Midlands Airport

Six x 8m fixed columns, each carrying a single Orion, were installed across the car park. Thanks to the symmetrical beam distribution of the Orion, the number of columns used in the project was reduced from the original specification. By doing so, savings are made on overall project spend, installation costs, ongoing maintenance and energy consumption.

The unique and patented Optical Reflector System in the Orion provides high optical performance within a low profile body. The twin step reflector balances the light output between the areas below the lantern and the furthest areas away, giving unmatched uniformity and performance. With this high performance comes excellent upward light control, the Orion LED has an upward light output ratio of less than 1%, which is great for the local environment.

As airport staff depart for another busy day at the airport, the tenant car park provides an energy efficient, safe and well-lit space for their vehicles.

Product Overview

Oirion LED


Following Abacus’s success with our specially designed Orion series, the Orion LED is the next step for effective and efficient car park lighting.

Using a similar design, the Orion LED produces a square distribution which reduces the number of lighting points needed, whilst the total energy consumption is also reduced with more energy efficient LEDs.

Product Overview

Base Hinged & Fixed Columns

East Midlands Parkway

The base-hinged column is now a standard on international railway platforms. Its popularity is all down to quick, safe and easy operation, together with long term durability, often in harsh environments.

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