Abacus Lighting

N1 Golf Driving Range Peninsula

BERM and high bay driving range lighting in the centre of London.

London: October 2015

N1Golf has a number of golf centres and academies around the UK; the most recent addition to this list is the new flagship facility in the heart of London, Greenwich Peninsula. The regeneration of Greenwich Peninsula, led by Knight Dragon Developments, has seen residential and leisure developments come together
with the joint venture between Knight Dragon Developments and N1Golf.

Along with a housing development, riverside running track and entertainment / leisure facilities, a revolutionary state of the art driving range, designed to make golf more accessible, was constructed. This 60 bay technologically advanced range required a large amount of planning and thought, with lighting being an important consideration. As the project was built in the centre of London, an effective but thoughtful lighting installation had to be undertaken.

Eight Abacus Trent floodlights were installed as BERM units to light the range and nine Trent floodlights operating as high bay lights, further illuminating the areas immediately surrounding golfers using the range.

Trent floodlights are ideal for use on driving ranges as ground mounted floodlights due to the fittings durability and light efficiency. The Trent is aesthetically designed to blend in with surroundings, keeping the range looking clean, with tough 4mm tempered glass to increase the level protection from golf balls so that the lamp can continue to effectively light the area.

With the driving range being in close proximity to London City Airport and the nearby housing development as part of the regeneration project, effective light control was critical. The Trent floodlight has 50° flat glass to contain any excess upwards light, adhering to strict light spillage regulations and focusing the light across the range. A range of reflector options are available for the Trent fitting, increasing its suitability as BERM lighting, with the ability to adapt the lighting to the terrain. This further ensures that light is distributed effectively across the range, avoiding loss of light and reducing glare. N1 Golf opened this London location in July and has since been used by new golfers and PGA golf coaches alike, all playing under high quality, low glare lighting.

N1 Golf London Peninsula

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