Abacus Lighting
Abacus’ innovative, elegant lights have adorned the hallowed ground of world-famous cricket club, Lord’s. Situated as it is in a residential area in the heart of London, getting planning permission for permanent floodlighting at Lord’s was always going to be a challenge. And that’s where we came in.
Lighting up Lord’s, the home of cricket

Case study - Lighting up Lord’s, the home of cricket

Lighting up Lord’s, the home of cricket

The Project
Lord’s wanted to install permanent floodlights to enable play in both poor light and in the evenings. Floodlighting would open up the sport to a whole new audience, keep the stadium at the forefront of cricket and help achieve better broadcast coverage.

The planning stages were incredibly difficult, and we played a major part in this; consulting with residents, developing structural and lighting designs, and liaising with planning offices. The telescopic mast system was chosen because, as the masts could be lowered, it had less impact on the residents and skyline. "Each of the players I have spoken to has had nothing but praise for the quality of the lighting", Angus Fraser, MD of cricket Middlesex CCC The mast heads themselves were also designed to be taken down out of season to help gain greater buy in from planning, as well as mirroring the look of the world-famous media centre.

Collaboration and consultation were vital to the success of the project and as principal contractors we were involved from planning all the way through design, installation and lighting maintenance. "There’s been no dazzling in the windows or blinding by lights. I’m pleased to say Lord’s have got it right", Andrew Mainz, Chairman of St John’s Wood Resident’s Society.

Lighting design
100 Challenger® 3 floodlights were used on each of the four head frames, each one incorporates a 2kw day-light lamp producing 200,000 lumins. The lighting design ensured vertical illuminance of 2,000 lux over the central wicket, 1,800 lux over the inner field and 1,300 lux over the boundary and horizontal illuminance uniformities in excess of 0.8. Bespoke cowls and louvers were fitted to the floodlights to ensure effective control of overspill.

Despite the high performance lux levels achieved on the field, the residents enjoyed the results of the acute cut off with less than 20 lux into any window - under the pre-agreed maximum of 25 lux. Readings were taken by Abacus and an independent witness in residents’ homes throughout the testing and commissioning phase to ensure that everyone in the community was happy with the final result.

Mast design
Four telescopic masts, each extending from 29.6m to 47.5m were custom designed and built here in the UK, taking ten weeks to fabricate. Weighing in at 25tonnes each the hexagonal masts measure 1200mm across the flat at the base and they were installed using a 500 tonne crane.

Operating with state of the art touch-screen technology, the masts raise and lower in 20 minutes. "Is this the sexiest piece of sports lighting in the world?", Electro Light.

The telescopic mid-assembly was supplied complete with all the multi core electric cables for the floodlights managed internally using an energy chain system. This system is plug-and-play, to reduce the onsite wiring time.

Each mast is operated using one double acting hydraulic ram which has a 180mm diameter bore and a stroke length of 6.4m this ram operates at up to 160 Bar delivering 40.7 Tonnes of lift thrust.