Abacus Lighting
Abacus was proud to be selected to provide floodlighting for the Premiership club’s stadium.
Northampton Saints Rugby Club

Case study - Northampton Saints Rugby Club

Northampton Saints Rugby Club

The lighting system was installed at a level of 600lux, with a view to upgrading these levels to 1000lux in the medium term to achieve full Heineken Cup requirements. The corner mast system, Abacus’ patented base-hinged sports system, allows all maintenance to be carried out safely at ground level. It also allows the club to upgrade the floodlighting simply at their chosen time.

The 2kW metal halide lamps also provide near daylight colour rendition of Ra=90 (daylight is Ra=100), providing the crispest TV pictures. 1.5kW lamps, offered by some suppliers, do not provide this demanding quality.