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Abacus have built up an impressive portfolio of hockey lighting projects over the years, and are often recommended by customers, consultants and contractors for our unique, flexible approach to lighting control.
Hockey pitch lighting

Hockey pitch lighting

Hockey lighting

National and international standards vary depending on your location and the standard of play; and in built-up areas, planning law can add further layers of regulation.

European standard EN 12193:2007, stipulates lighting levels for the three classes of play and sets minimum levels of 500 lux, 200 lux and 200 lux for Classes I, II and III. National Associations and the FIH also identify other levels (please see table below).

Our flexible switching options also allows the area to be used for multiple sports and will reduce running and energy costs.

Thankfully, Abacus has extensive experience in the solutions required for effective and efficient hockey pitch lighting. Learn more about past projects in our case studies to the left or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Lux (Eav) Uniformity Gr
Class I 750 0.7 50
Class II 500 0.7 50
Class III 250 0.7 55