Abacus Lighting

English FA Academy

English FA Academy

From amongst fierce competition, Abacus was selected to provide and install the floodlighting systems for the upcoming FA Academy Training Centre in central England.
The FA required 5 football pitches and 2 goalkeeping training areas to be illuminated to a maintained level of 500lux; optimum uniformity was of paramount importance. Recommending an 8 mast system for each pitch to achieve this objective, Challenger® 1 floodlights with flat glass optics were installed to ensure virtually zero upward light and minimum overspill.

The HL330 sports base-hinged mast ensures ground level maintenance, avoiding the threat of damage to the surface from high level maintenance vehicles required by competitor systems.

Abacus set the standard once again.
Typical Base-Hinged Sports Mast lowered for maintenance.

Typical Base Hinged Sports Mast lowered for maintenance.

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