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The Dual Hinged Mast

Innovation at Kent Junction.

Kent, England: May 2014

Kent Junction sits surrounded by sections of track and crossovers designed to link to three key rail maintenance depots along with London Bridge, Waterloo East and Cannon Street stations. The role that Kent Junction plays is integral for the smooth running of rail in this area, so when infrastructure upgrades were required the solution had to be effective and easily maintainable in a condensed and highly used area.

Oris - Amenity and Architectural lantern at Watling Street, London

At the head of the Kent Junction lighting project - K H Electrical, a company with a great deal of experience within the rail industry and had already successfully undertaken two phases as part of the Kent Junction project. Phase three of the project required K H Electrical to install ten metre, Mid Hinged lighting columns adjacent to open lines. This work was to be undertaken without the requirement of taking a possession with isolation, as these were in short supply due to the amount of upgrades to the infrastructure.

To fully and effectively achieve a suitable solution, K H Electrical and Abacus came together and with collaboration and innovation the solution looked positive. Proposals and consultations later led to Network Rail approving the new idea and for its development to take place with Abacus fabricating a prototype unit in four weeks.

Roughly one hundred Dual Hinged masts have been placed around sixteen sites in this first installation phase with Abacus Trent floodlights lighting the areas of installation. Kevin Hollingsworth of K H Electrical endorsed the joint solution saying: ’The first of the new masts went in at Charlton on the new bases and the solution has proved to be a complete success with five sites delivered to date. Well done to all involved, great collaborative working.’

The Dual Hinged Mast is designed for situations where lack of access for crane use, or other costly and heavy machinery, prevents the installation of a traditional Mid Hinged Mast while operation limitations mean a full Base Hinged design is not possible. This is made possible through the breakdown of components allowing the sections to be carried onto site with ease, the base is then installed onto the prepared foundation bolts and the mast is built up and lifted into position complete with head load via the use of a hydraulic ram. This process reduces installation time on site to the minimal length while reducing the involvement of hired machinery.

Once operational, the mast then functions as a standard Mid Hinged design to allow for effective maintenance at ground level by using a hand winch fitted to the door opening.

The Dual Hinged Mast will now continue to stand alongside and complement the proven Abacus Base Hinged Raise and Lower Column to offer stations and depots with issues surrounding space and installation the quality and quantity of lighting required with the retained ease of maintenance.

Dual Hinged Mast DatasheetDual Hinged Mast Datasheet

Oris - Amenity and Architectural lantern at Watling Street, London

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